Plug-ins Micropub

Micropub endpoint for Indiekit.


npm i @indiekit/endpoint-micropub


const MicropubEndpoint = require('@indiekit/endpoint-micropub');

const micropubEndpoint = new MicropubEndpoint({
// config options here


  • mountpath: Path to listen to Micropub requests. Optional, defaults to /micropub.

Supported endpoint queries#

  • Configuration: /micropub?q=config
  • Media endpoint location: /micropub?q=media-endpoint
  • Available syndication targets (list): /micropub?q=syndicate-to
  • Supported queries: /micropub?q=config
  • Supported vocabularies (list): /micropub?q=post-types
  • Publication categories (list): /micropub?q=category
  • Previously published posts (list): /micropub?q=source
  • Source content: /micropub?q=source&url=WEBSITE_URL

List queries support filter, limit and offset and parameters. For example, /micropub?q=source&filter=web&limit=10&offset=10.