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Commit messages

Indiekit provides content store plug-ins with a metaData object. This contains the following meta data that can be used in commit messages:

  • action: Action to take i.e. ‘create’, ‘upload’.
  • result: Result of action, i.e. ‘created’, ’uploaded'.
  • fileType: File type, i.e. ’post’ or ‘file‘.
  • postType: IndieWeb post type, i.e. ‘note’, ‘photo’, ‘reply’.

By default, Indiekit outputs the action, postType and fileType, for example:

create photo post
upload photo file

If you want to change the commit message format, you can do the following:

// indiekit.config.cjs
export default {
  publication: {
    storeMessageTemplate: (metaData) =>
      `🤖 ${metaData.result} a ${metaData.postType} ${metaData.fileType}`,

For a photo post, this would create the following commit messages:

🤖 created a photo post
🤖 uploaded a photo file