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Post template

A post template takes post properties received and parsed by the Micropub endpoint and renders them in a given file format, for example, a Markdown file with YAML front matter.

The postTemplate() method takes one argument, properties, which contains the derived properties for a post, for example:

  published: "2020-02-02",
  name: "What I had for lunch",
  content: "I ate a cheese sandwich, which was nice.",

The postTemplate() method determines how this data will get formatted.

To change the post format, make sure your configuration is provided as a JavaScript object. JSON and YAML formats are not supported.

You can then provide a formatting function for publication.postTemplate. For example, if you wanted to output a post format used by Kirby, you might write the following function:

export default {
  publication: {
    postTemplate: (properties) => {
      let text;

      if (properties.published) {
        text += `\n---\nDate: ${properties.published}\n---`;

      if ( {
        text += `\n---\nTitle: ${}\n---`;

      if (properties.content) {
        text += `\n---\nText: ${properties.content}`;

      return text;


To use this export syntax, add "type": "module" to your project’s package.json.

This would then generate the following file:

Date: 2020-02-02
Title: What I had for lunch
Text: I ate a cheese sandwich, which was nice.

You can see examples of this function being used in the Jekyll and Hugo publication presets: