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Change the application’s locale

Indiekit has been localised into the following languages:

  • en: US English
  • de: Deutsch (with contributions from Andreas Fink)
  • es: Español (with contributions from Anthony Ciccarello)
  • es-419: Español (Latin American Spanish, with contributions from Claudia Botero)
  • fr: Français (with contributions from David Legrand)
  • hi: हिन्दी (Hindi, with contributions from Sesa Malinda)
  • id: bahasa Indonesia (with contributions from Zeky Chandra)
  • nl: Nederlands
  • pl: Polski (with contributions from Arookei The Wolf)
  • pt: Português
  • sr: Srpski (with contributions from Anđela Radojlović)
  • sv: Svenska (with contributions from Carl Räfting)
  • zh-Hans-CN: 中文 (Simplified Chinese, with contributions from Xie Yanbo and )

You can change the application’s locale by changing the application.locale option, for example:

  "application": {
    "locale": "de"
export default {
  application: {
    locale: "de"

Contribute a new localisation

Localisations are managed using Localazy. If you see a translation that is not quite right, or would like to add support for a new language, create an account and contribute to the project.